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The Event

Our race has always been different - and this year, 2020, is no exception. As always, there is no official race fee and 100% of our net proceeds go to help those in need.  However - due to the unprecedented circumstances, there is no official race course.  Instead, we will providing a suggested course for you, and those close to you, to make your own memories – on your own time!  We may be socially distant, but we can all share these miles in solidarity and carry on with the fun!! 

We will still be out on Thanksgiving morning collecting donations for those in need! We will be recognizing our amazing sponsors - and may even have some pies and giveaways for those who come out to donate! This year more than ever – people are counting on us! 

There will be a lot of developing details on how we are still ensuring this will be an amazing, and safe, community event!! 

Our goal has always been to feed as many families in Central Ohio as we can – and that has not changed! You can help! You can help by participating in our event, spreading the word on what we do, by making a donation. You decide on the donation, and can feel great knowing that 100% of what you give will go directly to those in need.

To receive a t-shirt for the 2020 event, the system will automatically assess a minimum $35 donation for your shirt. You can donate additional funds beyond that amount if you choose, thank you for your generosity!



Create Your Own Memories and Miles

We may have to socially distance, but we can still share in these miles and carry on with the fun. The steps are simple.

  1. Sign up here. There is zero cost to participate, However a $35 minimum donation is required to receive an event shirt!

  2. Train. Enjoy this beautiful Ohio Autumn weather by getting outside, logging some miles and staying active!

  3. Race! A perk in creating your own memories and miles, is choosing when and where to race. 

  4. Upload your resultS... and don't forget to share your race day fun on social media!

The Fee

Our race is all about family, giving back, and having fun.  There is no official race fee.  You can give as much or as little as you want. However – a $35 minimum donation is required in order to get our amazingly soft t-shirt.  

Our goal is to feed as many families in Central Ohio as we can – and you can help.  You can help by running our race, spreading the word, and by making a donation.  You decide on the donation – and how many meals you want to provide. Let’s make a difference.  Learn more about The Mid-Ohio Food BankLife Care Alliance and The New Albany Thanksgiving Day fund at the New Albany Community Foundation

The Cause

100% of the net proceeds will be donated to three local non-profit organizations; LifeCare Alliance, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and The New Albany Thanksgiving Day fund at the New Albany Community Foundation. All food donations go directly to the New Albany Food Pantry.  All are great organizations,with staff and volunteers who work hard every day to make New Albany and Central Ohio a better place to live and work. How far will your dollar go?

You Make It Possible

Because of you, in the previous three years our 501(c)(3) organization has donated nearly a quarter million dollars!

    $100,000.00 to The Mid-Ohio Foodbank

    $100,000.00 to The Lifecare Alliance

                 $23,000.00 to New Albany Community Foundation

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    $223,000.00 Total funds raised to charity.

Thank You

We would like to wish a thank you our sponsors (found here). Additionally, a special thank you to the City of New Albany and Plain Township for event coordination assistance.


Photographs of the 2018 event are live, courtesy of Theresa Halpern. Check them out here!


Become A Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here to view the Prospective Donor Letter and here to view the Sponsorship opportunity form, or reach out to keystonebcinc@yahoo.com or pjmlh@mac.com.